World Bank Aid to Pakistan – A Country That Is Being Assisted.

Some blogs are very difficult to write, where some give immense pleasure while expressing an opinion that stimulates readers’ thoughts. Reading Headlines like; ‘World Bank pour aid to Pakistan / Pakistan seeking World Bank’s aid / Asian Development Bank extend aid to Pakistan / Pakistan to receive??$million from World Bank / US Assistance to Pakistan / China provide aid to Pakistan / An announcement of millions of dollar aid to Pakistan…… ridiculed the nation and created a feeling of worthlessness…

Let’s start from the recent dose of aids energy running in our bloodstream:

World Bank’s aid to Pakistan

On 2nd April 2020, World Bank approved US$200 million (around 33,400 million rupees) focusing on the COVID-19 preparedness and emergency response in the health sector for its Pandemic Response Effectiveness Project (PREP). This financial aid will help the people of Pakistan – living on or below the poverty line – to cope with the immediate impact of Coronavirus pandemic.

The Country Director for Pakistan Mr Patchamutu Illangovan is from Sri Lanka. He joined WB in 1993.


According to Mr Illangovan, “PREP will help strengthen the country’s capacity to detect and monitor the disease. This program will also make available resources to support cash transfer through existing arrangements to the most vulnerable. WB continues to partner with the Government on Federal and Provincial levels to ensure effective implementation in the period of hardships”. 

The History of aids from the World Bank to Islamic Super Power

In 1950, three years after its inception, my beloved country Pakistan became a member of the World Bank. 

Since then, WB has provided $40 billion in assistance –means we get an average aid of US$570 million per year. 

Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) is the current portfolio for Pakistan to transform and reach twin goals of poverty reduction and shared prosperity. CPS is based on 4Es i.e. Energy, Economic, Extremism and Education.


IMF Loans history – only recent ones are shared

At the time of General Pervez Musharraf from 2008 to 2010, International Monetary Fund (IMF) disbursed a loan for $5.2 billion to Pakistan. 

In the year 2011 at the time of President Asif Zardari when Pakistan’s external debt was US$ 60billion, the Government of Pakistan decided to end the IMF program.

IMF and Pakistan shared an unhappy history. In PML-N rule, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif government-led into a new IMF loan worth US$ 6.6billion from 2013-2016.

The PTI government for the first time in the history of Pakistan borrowed US$ 16billion in foreign debt in just one year– 13.6$billion PTI and 2.4$billion by the caretaker setup. This is the biggest ever loan is taken by any Government in history.

Both Nawaz and Khan stated that they have little choice left due to Pakistan’s balance of payment crisis and they aimed at avoiding default due to sharply declining foreign exchange reserves and facing problem in financing its imports.


We should not be waiting for a ‘Survivor’ to arrive and save us from dying in obscurity and misery

To become Quaid e Azam’s One Nation once again and unite against all ‘Na-Khuda’ of the corrupt political elite, every individual must learn to blow his / her own trumpet well then come together and perform a symphony of Great Jinnah which he notated by compromising his wonderful career, his health, his personal life and through the struggle for a Great country ‘PAKISTAN’.

We must ask ourselves, would it be written in the history that aids provided to X ruler or donations granted to X political party. No, the history never lies, all aids granted to Pakistan means that those foreign assistance and financial relief were given to us. Pakistan is not just a country’s name, it is WE who stand as Pakistan.

Lastly, how can we forget the great land of opportunities USA? Now see our standing as a nation:


The United States spent over $46 billion in foreign aid. Over 38.5% of that budget went to just ten countries:

  1. Afghanistan ($4.89 billion)
  2. Iraq ($3.36 billion)
  3. Israel ($3.18 billion)
  4. Jordan ($1.38 billion)
  5. Ethiopia ($943 million)
  6. South Sudan ($922 million)
  7. Kenya ($899 million)
  8. Pakistan ($892 million)
  9. Nigeria ($644 million)
  10. Uganda ($608 million)

We have to stand together as a Nation to fight against the evil and justify the vision of our beloved Leader Great Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan receives foreign aid – It’s not all about the USA; other donors contribute to Islamic Superpower 

Pakistan receives foreign aid and financial assistance from several countries and international organizations. The United States is on the top. Following chart shows the share of gross Official Development Assistance (ODA) that flowed into Pakistan in 2011.

Finally the ADB – Asian Development Bank

ADB – Asian Development Bank also provides financial assistance to the Islamic Super Power Pakistan. ADB provides US$ 4.4 billion from 2009 to 2012. Similar to World Bank, under its PSC – Pakistan Country Strategy Asian Development Bank provides assistance to Energy, Irrigation & Infrastructure, urban service sector with US$ 1.5 billion annual average lendings.

Freedom costs us millions of lives so that the Muslims can live a life according to the Holy Book Quran and follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Being a Muslim and being a Pakistani, no-one with self-esteem and self-respect can live with such ridicule that each child born in this country with 150,000/- debt which he/she never borrowed.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not Sales Professionals Forum.

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