VEON JAZZ increased its Revenue from Data and Esra Bilgic

Veon Jazz

Veon Jazz, a subsidiary of an unlisted public limited company, PMCL (Pakistan Mobile Communications Ltd) founded in 1994, headquartered as ‘Jazz Digital Head Quarters’ in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Mobilink was officially rebranded as ‘JAZZ’ and it was formed by the merger of ‘Warid’(Abu Dhabi Group) and ‘Mobilink’ (trade name of PMCL) in 2017.

In Pakistan, JAZZ is the most popular brand in providing a range of services from Pre-paid, Post-paid, Corporate clients, Data Services, and all under one-roof services through JAZZ Shops across Pakistan. It is a complete eco-system for every digital citizen of Pakistan bringing JAZZ (Super 4G), Jazz wifi devices, and mobile wallet services like Jazz Cash and much more to facilitate Pakistanis at every touch of their social and working needs.

‘JAZZ committed to make each Pakistani a digital citizen by offering the most innovative solutions for their everyday needs’…


JAZZ has exponentially grown to a company that financially empowers more than Six Crore people of Pakistan with an amazing money transfer facility called ‘JazzCash’ (formerly called Mobi Cash).


JAZZ has the strongest coverage backbone with more Twelve Thousand (active) cell sites.

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HUAWEI, NOKIA, SIEMENS, and ZTE (Chinese Technology Company) are the primary vendors for (network equipment) JAZZ including its Radio-Based-Stations.

JAZZ also laid more than Twenty-five Thousand kilometers Fiber-Optic-cable laid in Pakistan.

JAZZ mobile customer base increased 7.6%, which is over 60.5 million out of which 40% had access to its 4G services.

JAZZ average monthly data usage recorded 84% jumped to 2.5GB per user.

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To date, JAZZ has invested around US$ 10bn in Pakistan.

JAZZ 30-day active wallet JazzCash subscriber base increased to 5.7 million and it has recorded an unprecedented revenue of 20% Year-on-Year in the second quarter of 2019.

JAZZ saw a 2.6% year-on-year decreased in profits in Q1 2020 to PKR 49.3bn due to the brunt of a tax regime (refund service and maintenance charges to its customers) in Pakistan, where Data Revenues increased by 17.1% YoY in the same Quarter.


JAZZ continues to grow, despite sluggish economic growth due to the stringent lockdowns. It has recorded 27.6% revenue increased year-on-year in Q2 2020 which was driven by an increase in 4G subscriber base of 72% YoY.


JAZZ was recognized as the ‘Fastest Mobile Network’ by OOKLA  in 2019 by beating ZONG (14.18) with an average score of 14.97 (Download 15.95, Upload 11.60).

JAZZ won over six USF (Universal Service Fund) – USF was established by MOITT (Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications) by the Government of Pakistan consists of contributions of 1.5% (adjusted revenue) by Telecom Operators in 2019.

JAZZ successfully carried out 5G trials, reaching a speed of 1450Gbps at the JAZZ Digital HQ, Islamabad in Jan 2020.

JAZZ xlr8 (by JAZZ) was on the Top of five Startup Incubators and Accelerators in 2019.

JAZZ has appointed ‘Ertugul Ghazi’s famous Esra Bilgic (Haleema Sultan) as its brand Ambassador.

JAZZ Health Insurance

JAZZ always finds new ways to bring innovation to the cellular industry of Pakistan and exploring new domains. VEON (the Dutch Owner of JAZZ) believed that Pakistan, being the youthful urban market, Two-third people yet to buy a smartphone. Therefore, JAZZ strives to find new forms of digital financial services and introduced affordable health insurance and emergency services using their JazzCash mobile accounts instantly.

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