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Top 10 Restaurants in Pakistan – 2019

Today, we will be sharing some of the best restaurants in Pakistan that are getting a lot of questions about their playful tasting menus and heart-breaking destinations.

The inspirational stories that are about the success reflect the ambitions and the brainiac idea behind the creation of thought that truly profound the vibrant aspects and destinations with the expressing of the die-heart culture and dining experiences of customers.  

Monal – Islamabad

The testament from the mind to something possible, the globally renowned restaurants in the Margalla Hills near Islamabad; Monal – termed as an ambassador of Pakistan when it comes to taste and food. One of the most breathtaking restaurants, the views from above are refreshing and the menu includes both the traditional and foreign dishes that suit your taste.

Kolachi – Karachi

One of the immensely popular restaurant; situated at the prime location, right at the bank of the Arabian sea, Karachi – the mouth-watering food and the open-air structure of the restaurant is just the perfect spot for a family dine-in. the yellow lighting and the warm breeze from the sea provides a relaxing time while waiting for the food.  Chicken Makhni Handi and Kebabs are the specialities apart from continental and local bar-b-que items to taste your bud accordingly.


Salt n Pepper Village – Lahore

One of the prestigious places for a family dine-in, Salt n Pepper Village Lahore has changed the market innovation and excellence in chain operations of restaurants. With gracious menu and excellent cuisine, Salt n Pepper is the ultimate destination for business dinners to the family gathering, established in 1983 has been focusing primarily to serve the best food and a unique dining experience to the customers.

BBQ Tonight – Karachi

One of the most highly rated uncontested restaurants, BBQ Tonight is best known for the love and the brand of premium quality food which is representing the outclass taste and the dining experience that is now transforming into a full chain of restaurants. Warm environment, the food presenting truly represents the quality of spice used in the cooking range. Afghan boti, Chops, and Ribs are the exquisite items in the menu which also covers a variety of local and continental foods to meet your taste.

Kababjees – Karachi

One of the latest players in the business, Kababjees has speedily gained momentum due to their tasteful sense of cooking provided with extreme service and excellent quality both in food and attire. The seaside branch has a welcoming atmosphere and the location is just loving with the breeze coming from the sea; the entire menu is something to taste if you are a foodie…

Cocos Den – Lahore

The prime aspect of any new die-hard restaurant cannot be as perfect as the Cocos Den in Lahore; located right at the brisk of Heera Mandi, the amazing rooftop and the eclectic mix of food is outclass. The food variety covers everything from appetizers to the favourite entrees of Lahore. All the food served will certainly tickle your taste buds but the Achari breast is one of the best dishes; served with spicy tart and chicken karahi, served with naan and mangoes are above the fantastic eatery which you will never forget.

The Poet – Lahore

With the buzzing of the crackers and finest dine-in in town, there is a new place known as ‘The Poet’, which is known to be the best place that, will memorize your visit. The luxury of the dinner with the dancing fountain, colourful parrots, yet an exquisite ambience along with the exceptional spice with delicious traditional cuisine, certainly the best food in town.

Spice Bazaar – Lahore

The comfortable ambience and the five-star service which you deserve when you are at the Spice Bazaar which is one the celebration of Pakistani cuisine. The rich and the diversified culture of the place highlights the significance of taste from our spices apart from the diversifying flavours to bring mouth-watering dishes all around the country.

Cafe Beirut

International cuisine is always a changing mood for the taste bud as many of the food lovers just want to taste something different and when it comes to Lebanese food, Café Beirut is the best place. The Fatoush and other hummus and meat are ideal for something light but full of energy; garnished with lime and parsley, the Arabian background music just thrills you to satisfy your hunger.

Bundu Khan

If you are looking to eat something traditional and well managed – Bundu Khan is the place. The oldest food provider serves a variety of dishes including kebabs, tikkas, and Sajji along with their halwa, which is very tasty since the beginning. One of the most promising aspects of Bund8u Khan is the taste which is the same for the last many years. The ambience might not be perfect for many, but the attire of the food and the service fulfils the gap.

There is a long list as Pakistan is filled with local eateries and famous for its delicious food and tempting dishes. We will share some more of them in the next blog. Till then, enjoy the FOOD.

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  1. I have visited Salt and Paper Village on MM Alam Road Lahore but their taste is not as it was before in the past. They need to improve their taste.

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