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Top 10 Famous Fast Food Restaurants In Karachi – 2020

Fast Food

Fast Food is an easy meal or type of processed food mass-produced and served in restaurants. Fast Food is designed for commercial selling purposes. Fast Food also called Junk Food, which is often high in salt/fats & low in fibre & vitamins, is an extremely popular food choice among millennials and minimalists because it is ready to eat fast. It has very less or no nutrient value. A variety of Fast Food is frozen or precooked meals served to the customers for take-aways.

Research indicates that Junk Foods, due to high cholesterol and salts, have been linked to dementia or bad memory and also prevent brain cells from responding to insulin.

Difference between Fast Food & Continental Food & Chinese Food

Most of the times, we came across the café and restaurants include Fast Food items in the Continental menu. As we keep educating our readers, we share a few words about the difference between these categories.

Oriental Food

Fermented sauces (Korean Kimchi, pickled cabbage, reddish etc.) and pickled (Mix Achaar, Mango, Carrot, Peppers) products widely used in Oriental Foods.


Oriental Food includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai & other Eastern Asian items like Prawns, Chicken, Fish and Beef all ranges, Hot n Sour Soups, Schezwan Soup, Mongolian, Dragon etc. staples with rice and noodles. Oriental or Chinese foods are generally dry and use more vegetables but Continental food does not, but things are different now. We find vegetables in both.

Continental Food

This is a very common question the foodies ask the waiters at the time of placing order. Many of us experienced that most of the Restaurants proudly offer Continental Foods and display a wide range of items on their menus. If you ask them what and why this food is Continental, the answer is simply ‘aain baain shaain…’

We have been always taught that Continental is French Fries, Sandwich, Burger, Pasta etc. It is a basic misconception. We said we have been taught by the people who have no technical or cultural knowledge and they have making the fool out of us for decades. Continental is the food which is prepared in the continent of Europe. It refers to the delicacies of European countries including France, Spain and Italy. Continental mainly focuses on Garlic, Wine, Herbs, Olive Oil and various Spices & lesser amount of Vegetables. Steaks or meat is generally used in Continental foods.

Inter-Continental Food

Most of the restaurants in Karachi offering Inter-continental foods with slight regional difference in the Continental menu.


Top Ten Fast-Food Restaurants in Karachi

MC Donald’s – 021-111-244-622

McDonald’s serves more than 46 thousand customers every second including over two thousand happy meals. McDonald’s serves more than 1 Billion customers every day through its over 40,000 Restaurants, over 90% are franchises, in over 120 countries worldwide. McDonald’s has over 2 million employees worldwide. McDonald’s came to Pakistan in 1998 and the first Restaurant was open in North Nazimabad in 1998. Lakhani owns McDonald’s in Pakistan with over 70 outlets countrywide. McDonald’s Pakistan offers slightly spicier food for its Pakistani customers. McDonald’s Pakistan introduced Mutton Burger (for a limited time), Chapli Kebab, Bun Kebab & McDonald’s Lassi (in Holy Month of Ramadhan) in partnership with Nestle. McDonald’s sponsored PSL Team Peshawar Zalmi and also signed Memorandum of Understanding with PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) for providing special meals. McDonald’s is the only Restaurant in Pakistan offers its customers to explore their kitchen if they are curious to know how their favourite meals are made.

OPTP – 021-111-116-787

In the presence of two-big Multinational giants, OPTP is leading the scene with over 60 branches in just 20 years. Started by two brothers in a small storeroom, today OPTP made us all proud, a local brand with international standards, serving hygiene fast food to its customers. OPTP is most famous for its best chipping potatoes and used them to make Belgian style fries. Its Southern Fried Chicken is very famous among chicken drum sticks lovers. OPTP has started offering Pizza to its customers and an overwhelming response will also make OPTP lead its way in the Pizza making too. Good Luck to OPTP Pizza…

Karachi Broast – 021-111-276-278

Why people in Karachi love chicken. The reason is simple. It is the safest and cheapest protein available to them. There are limitless dishes can be made with chicken but that small tiny restaurant turned into a craze and the King still rules the broast market segment in Karachi. Yes, we are talking about “Karachi Broast” the trendsetter and once a choice of the elite (used to live in Nazimabad surroundings in the 80s) of Karachi. There are many competitors like JAN’s Broast, Khan Broast, Kundan Broast and Chicken n Chips till Karachi Broast’s taste bring people together for almost four decades. Quarter Chicken served with white sauce, which is consistent with quality, French Fries is still favourite and loved by two generations. 

Mr Burger – 021-35841617

Mr Burger, a nine-brother family business, is the super-fast-food for generations. With a number of branches across the biggest Metropolitan of Pakistan, Mr Burger still consistent in its Burger quality and despite so many other mouthwatering dishes available, people won’t mind biting into a juicy Beef Burger. Every bite of Mr Burger reminds you of the sweetest memories of your childhood and the peaceful Karachi. Before Mr Burger came into existence, nobody can think of any other Burger except for the Bun Kabab. Mr Burger has the credit to introduce the Western Burger in Pakistan. “Calling a person Burger influenced by Mr Burger in Karachi.”

KFC – 021-111-532-532

Zinger Burger is not the only attraction for KFC lovers. The Midnight deals offers do its magic too. KFC is recognized as the most responsible CSR company in Pakistan pledges to give back to society by offering jobs to the deaf and this is also the key factor behind KFC’s success in Pakistan. KFC came to Pakistan right before MC Donald’s and Gulshan e Iqbal the location was chosen for its first outlet. From the beginning of one outlet to 81 plus outlets, KFC’s ‘finger lickin good’ chicken is serving over two-million customer every month. Sander started from outside of his gas station in Kentucky and then become a globally recognized name is ‘doing chicken right’.  Even after 40 years of Colonel Sander’s left the world his familiar face smiling out from the KFC branches in Pakistan and across the globe. KFC running 5 Citizen Foundation Schools and running the Deaf KFC Campus.


KAYBEES – 021-111-529-233, 021-35895851

For children, KAYBEES is just Yummy Ice-cream. It’s not over, KAYBEES is also among those trendsetters in Karachi who develop a habit of Family Dine-out in the mid-80s. KAYBEES is one of the oldest snack bars in Karachi which is famous for its Club Sandwich, Ice-cream with reasonable price and also offers a play area for kids as well. M. Ali Society outlet is the most famous in Karachi. Other than that, KAYBEES has a different story than all the other restaurants in Karachi. They were three-brother (not like Mr Burger 9 brothers) who lost everything in the floods including their poultry farms and stationery factory. They were deprived of everything they had, but they started with a small rented Restaurant and then the rest is history. Today, KAYBEES has more than 7 outlets successfully running in different parts of Karachi. 

BOVI CHIC – 0335-2280099, 0312-6842442, 0300-9284050

Whoever studied in IBA – KU campus must have known BOVICHIC. The most favourite Crispo (better than Original KFC Zinger) Burger sold by any other Fast-Food Restaurant in Karachi, after KFC. Once BOVICHIC holds this record. Students are the future leaders any brand which is famous among them will surely lead its way and that goes for BOVICHIC too. Its other outlets in other parts of Karachi were also doing magic by selling its Zinger Burger and Broast like crazy. Nothing lasts forever, we wish that BOVICHIC could continue their legacy.

Hot n Spicy – 021-111-223-334

Visiting Hot n Spicy was a must for the people of Karachi whenever they plan to visit Sea-view or seeing their friends or relatives in DHA. Started years ago with a small roadside café by offering a simple chicken Mayo Roll and becoming the biggest name in the catering industry. The Karachiites all over the city plan to visit this Restaurant along with their Families. The snacks Hot n Spicy offers with the unique Mayo and Sauces blend made every customer come back for more. The appreciation from the valued customers paved a way what Hot n Spicy is today. 

Red Apple – 021-38242333

A promising fast-food Restaurant with branches all across Karachi offers unique deals including Tikka, Roll, Sandwich, Fries and beverages. For the quick bites and quick meals, Red Apple is a choice of foodies all over Karachi. Red Apple could be the only Restaurant found in Industrial Area like Korangi offers the same quality and taste as their Khadda Market DHA outlet offers. Red Apple desi taste could surpass any big Restaurant on budget. Red Apple’s Rolls can be equally comparable to Eat-On and Hot n Roll but slightly higher in price due to its being one of the Desi Paratha Roll inventors in the Roll segment. Red Apple Grill is one of their Restaurants we recommend for a great dining experience. Red Apple also available in Hyderabad, you can place your orders by simply dialling: 022-38242333

Damascus – Authentic Arabian Cuisine – 0300-824-9444 – 0301-824-9444

It such a great pleasure having a Restaurant like Damascus in Karachi. The real authentic food and the first in Pakistan, its signature ‘Furrouge’ the Flame Grilled Chicken (Crispy Spicy) served with Herbs, Humous, Olive and Garlic Sauce (better than thousand island sauce) & Pita Bread and the Shawarma Roll served in tin foil with sauces of its own class. Believe it or not, once you try their recipes and the fresh hygiene standards, they follow you will be a Damascene forever. The best thing about Damascus is that they offer Gluten-free foods because, to some people, Gluten can cause infertility, osteoporosis because it interferes with the absorption of the nutrients from food.


Drop a comment below stating which restaurants you think should be included in this blog and any other necessary improvements we should have. We hope our choices will provide a better understanding of which restaurant to try.

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