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Top Ten Corporate Trainers And Motivational Speakers Of Pakistan 2020.

SPF presents a list of Top Ten Corporate Trainers and motivational Gurus who have trained millions of employees from local and Multinational organizations in Pakistan and across the globe. Our Speakers and extremely talented Trainers have facilitated leadership through their energy and confidence and make them believe in emotional intelligence and guide the management to help their leaders taking Right-decisions.

A very controversial writer in Pakistan once said, “Gana Aur Khuwab Apni Madri zaban mein he maza Karte hen…”

As a nation, we always feel proud to adapt English language and prove that English is our mother tongue. But we are in the age of confusion for the last four generations.

You cannot be 100% creative and 100% expressive in some other language; even you are very good at it.


We salute to our bilingual Speakers and Trainers who always try at their level best to teach us undertaking the best resources available to them.

We cannot classify the Top Ten Corporate Trainers / Motivational Speakers on the basis of ‘likes’ by Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad’s by just YouTube/Facebook views.

Our Trainers and Speakers do not create masses of passive learners

Instead of being passive recipients of knowledge –and gain wisdom only for the time when the Speaker is around –the participants in the workshops co-create the learning experience through active engagement and sessions of questions/answers from the Panel.

We better arrange the Speakers and Trainers on our Forum on the area of expertise and their focus on topics related to the field of Corporate Training. We have arranged the topics as follows:

  • Adapt a result-oriented approach 
  • Coaching Skills 
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Deadlines and Stress Management
  • Developing the Culture of Excellence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Business Communications
  • Effective Customer Handling Skills
  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • High Impact Presentation Skills
  • How to Achieve More With Less
  • How to be a Sales Champion
  • How to be confident
  • Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • Influencing Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Knowing yourself
  • Leading for Results
  • Maintaining Work/Life Balance in your life
  • Maximize Your Potential
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Professional Effectiveness and Be Inspirational
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making tools
  • The Power of Synergy
  • Train the Trainers’ Programs
  • Unconscious Potential

Qasim Ali Shah – ‘The Ashfaq Ahmed of our times’

Qasim Ali shah

Shah was born on 25th December 1980 in District Gujrat, Punjab. When he was young he moved to Lahore with his father. 

Shah did his F. Sc. from Government College Islamia from Lahore. Shah was selected in University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and earned an engineering degree. Shah appeared in Central Superior Services exams and then quitting Engineering at CSS Shah continues to pursue his passion for teaching and counselling and proved himself a successful author, counsellor, and inspiring academician and an entrepreneur.

Shah has remarkable addressing and debating abilities. Shah conveys addresses on assorted classifications, from self-achievement, self-satisfaction, hazard administration, polished methodology, enthusiastic knowledge, child-rearing, vocation arranging, work chasing and self-awareness. He also facilitated his own projects on Television and Radio and also addresses on social issues and identity improvement by producing more than five hundred videos addresses with immense digital popularity –over 1 million YouTube subscribers and over 2 million on his Facebook.

Shah is now ranked as the top trainer in the government sector especially in Punjab.  He is the author of multiple books and runs his own particular institute in Lahore as Qasim Ali Shah Academy

Sohail Zindani – Famous for his subtle humour –Founder: Leading Minds

Sohail Zindani addresses over 50,000 people across Pakistan and other countries each year through his keynote presentations, workshops and seminars, captivating audiences with his subtle humour.

Sohail spends significant time studying individuals, teams and organizations to understand what makes world-class performers


Sohail always encouraged students to focus more on their innate strengths rather than worrying about their weaknesses.

Sohail also shared multiple tools & frameworks to help students identify their strong areas and believe in their core abilities, to further improve themselves and attain their career goals more effectively. 

Zindani always highlights the adverse effects of having a pessimistic mindset. Through his interactive sessions on many different platforms, he emphasized that if students focusing on their woes and weak areas they will only destroy their productive souls and will always remain unsatisfied regardless of what field they opt for.

In addition to his work in the corporate sector, Sohail has a passion for learning and teaching in the social sectors, including education, healthcare, social ventures, and other cause-driven nonprofits.

Shireen Naqvi

Shireen is an MBA (majored in MIS) from IBA – Institute of Business Administration. 

Shireen focuses on making interactions simple and relevant. She aims to transform thoughts and values into positive actions. Shireen focuses on social development and visionary leadership.

Shireen organized and led the YLC – Young Leader Conference from 2002 to 2008.

Shireen is a senior management consultant and facilitator at ‘Navitus’ where she started her career as a trainer and management consultant. Shireen advises a number of local and MNCs, NGOs and educational resources centres across Pakistan.

As the CEO of the School of Leadership, she works with youth to bring about positive change in the nation’s professional environment. Shireen facilitates the ‘ExtraCorp’ project which aims to set up a conglomeration of business for youth with special abilities.

Not only KFC doing projects for hearing impaired. Shireen is the trustee of the School of Leadership Foundation, with a team of 13 hearing-impaired young boys, set up a bakery which is managed, led and owned by them.

Jawed Chaudhry

Chaudhry was born in 1968 Lala Musa, Gujrat District, Punjab. Chaudhry is known for his ‘Zero Point’ columns and a Host of a current affairs TV program at local Cable TV Express-News by owned by Lakson Group (Lakhani group).

Chaudhry got his Masters degree in Mass Communications from Islamia University Bahawalpur.  Chaudhry emerged as the most popular YouTuber in Pakistan.

Many readers may think that Jawed Chaudhry was just a former Jung New Paper columnist. In June 2014, Chaudhry’s Facebook page crossed 1 million likes. His arrangement of sections have been distributed is 6 volumes in Urdu dialect. 

Chaudhry is not only one of the most popular YouTubers of the country, but he proved himself as a Leading motivational speaker amongst all others.

Chaudhry is a brilliant motivational speaker. During his speeches, he shares his struggles and his valuable experiences with the participants.

Wali Zahid – (you can reach Wali at: +92-300-820-1889 & +971-50-255-3887 Dubai)

Wali Zahid is a consultant, guest speaker, executive coach and a leadership Trainer. Wali is the CEO of ‘SkillCity’ Dubai a new-generation leading and development firm with a perspective of a developing country. Wali’s branded workshops include ‘Women in Leadership’, ‘Leadership for CEEs’ and ‘Train The Trainers’. Wali has spoken to the audiences from South Asia, the Middle East and to the USA. Wali trained thousands of business leaders and managers from ‘FORTUNE 500’ companies in these years.

He is an accredited leadership trainer from ‘Team Management Systems’ Australia. 

Wali also taught pioneering courses at IBA and SZABIST.

Wali served as a Country Director-Management Development Services of British Council from 2001 – 2008 and has been a member of Institute of Directors, UK and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and American Management Association. 

Umair Jaliawala

Jaliawala makes his audience believe in themselves and creates visions and dreams from facts and his belief is that paradigms and perceptions don’t change facts.

Jaliawala believes that good answer comes from a good question. Jaliawala loves religion, business philosophies and psychological knowledge. Umair Jaliwala’s style is walk-the-talk and takes his audience like his teammates.

His age doesn’t echo the crowds he has transformed at SoL (, YLC – Young Leaders conference, ‘Train The Young Trainer’. Jaliawala’s sessions are a rollercoaster journey of change through exercises, games, challenges and realizations.


Prof. Dr Moiz Hussain

Prof. Moiz Hussain is the Pioneer of mind sciences and disciplines in Pakistan.

Moiz was born in a Gujarati family on the 15th July 1957, in Godhra, (Gujrat) India.

Moiz was not interested in the usual curriculum of studies in school and there were answers he was always seeking for but never got from any of his teachers.

From India Moiz then started visiting various countries in search for knowledge of self-realization from Philippines, Greece, Bangladesh, Turkey, Far East, Middle East, Sri Lanka and to Europe and USA.

He learned modern approach and scientific knowledge besides philosophy, mysticism and Meta Physical sciences. 

Prof Dr Moiz Hussain is the only Asian to be interviewed and placed on the cover of the prestigious “Journal of Hypnotism” USA.

Dr Moiz Hussain has trained over 50,000 people from senior Doctors, CEO’s, MBA’s, politicians, Senior Bureaucrats, Senior Military personals & Para Military and Police Officers. Many have transformed their lives forever and the number of students, well-wishers increasing every passing day. 

Presently, Moiz conducts courses, workshops and seminar in Pakistan, Singapore, UAE and USA.

CNBC has also telecast Dr Moiz programs on Meditation and Hypnosis.

Moiz’s famous “Fire Walk”, the climax of a workshop “4th Dimension – The Transformation has telecasted on over 50 television stations worldwide including CNN, BBC, FOX TV, ABC, STAR TV, AL JAZEERA, ZEE TV, BREMEN TV, Germany, DM UK, Venus TV UK. 

Moiz’s first book “Pebbles on the Beach” been published in Pakistan, Germany, Poland & Hungary.

Dr Moiz is an accredited faculty of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. 

Farhad Karamally – Farhad is a Habitual Entrepreneur – FNCK Ventures Pvt. Ltd

Farhad quotes, ‘Learning is Fun & you proved it’…  Farhad Karamally –author of 15 books – is a Fellow of the International Centre for Compassionate Organizations located at the University of Louisville. Farhad brings with him 14 years of local and international experience as a practitioner of ‘Appreciating Inquiry’ philosophy in his much renowned FunShops.

Farhad has facilitated many strategic meeting and development programs for leading names like British American Tobacco, Reckitt Benckiser, Bayer CropScience P&G Pakistan, Novartis Consumer Health, Shell Pakistan, Philips Morris International, Pepsi Cola and Nestle Pakistan.

Kamran Zishan Rizvi – a.k.a Kambha

Kamran Rizvi’s own story is an epitome of self resilient and motivation for others.

Rizvi, an ex BCCI banker was born in Karachi. Rizvi’s Father was working with Pakistan International Airlines and due to his extensive travelling, Rizvi keeps moving with his family. Travelling from Geneva, Dhaka, Lahore, Karachi and ‘Ghora Gali’ and at the time he finishes his Matriculation there were 11 schools he shifted from one to another simultaneously.

In 1991, Rizvi then founded a management consulting and training firm in Islamabad ‘KZR Associates’ –KZR stands for Kudos Zeal and Renewal.

Qaiser Abbas  – Founder: Possibilities, Possibilities Publications

Qaiser has been training professionals for about two decades.  He trained thousands of people across the globe.

Qaiser has had the privilege to share the stage with other Gurus of the training industry which includes Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith and many others.

Qaiser is not a motivational speaker only. Through his cutting-edge leadership team building and coaching, he produced 15 top motivational trainers in Pakistan.

Qaiser’s clients not only include the US Embassy but he also trains professionals in many fortune 500 companies like NESTLE, GE, TOYOTA P&G, COCA-COLA, Unilever R&B and many big other names.

Qaiser gives back to the community by founding ‘Possibilities Schools’, ‘My First Bike™’ and ‘Youth Studio®’.

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