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The Top 10 Distributors In Pakistan 2020.

Here Are The Top 10 Distributors In Pakistan 2020.

Muller & Phipps Pakistan

Muller & Phipps

From Cold Chain, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Distribution to after Sales Support, Muller & Phipps is one of the oldest and most successful few ISO 9001 certified distribution companies operating in Pakistan. Muller & Phipps began its operations in Karachi (before Partition) in 1912 with the basic Camel Cart Wheel. By 1935 Muller & Phipps was distributing for some of the country’s topmost brands. Muller and Phipps also ventured into distribution for pharmaceutical companies in 1963 and for hospital products in 1995 and for the telecom industry in 2011. In 2015 Muller & Phipps also acquired OCS Pakistan Pvt. Ltd and Boeing 737 Aircraft. Muller & Phipps to achieve Rs. 100 Billion milestones in 2018. Muller & Phipps Takes Place In The Top 10 Distributors Of Pakistan 2020.

Muller and Phipps have over 5000 professionals, 7+ warehouses, above 50 shared depots and more than 900 vans to deliver in 89 plus locations that cover 950 plus Towns in the country. 

Top Clients include BAYER, JAZZ Cash, PEPSICO, UNILEVER & UBL Omni & others.


Premier Group ‘largest local distribution company

Premier Group is in the Sales & Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics business for 5 decades and famous for ‘Right product placement’ in the local market. Premier Group started product distribution and partnered with the companies for managing their sales in 1971. Premier Group started with just 4 delivery vans for the distribution of confectionery products Karachi.


With over 40 National and Multinational companies, Premier Group has different business segments from Pharma, Foods, FMCG, Personal Care, and Stationary. Premier Group recognized as Pakistan’s first Distribution Company introduced SAF (shop attendance form), anniversary and closing forms, new shop congratulatory letters. These initiatives brought Premier very close to its retailers.

Premier serves around 100,000 outlets including 33,000+ pharmacies in 700+ towns and a nationwide presence in 38 cities with over 50 branches. 

Premier Group had not introduced BD (Becton Dickinson) in Pakistan but also set a milestone by achieving the highest sales amongst BD’s Asia Pacific countries.

Premier Group, with time, updated itself with the latest IT solutions with real-time Android-based sales gadgets and reporting solutions, now, with sales revenue of over 55 billion.

Premier Group Top Clients include (Pharma) Barrett Hodgson, BD, Efroze, PharmaEvo, and (Consumer) Bake Parlor, Peek Freans, Qarshi, and Shield. 

Burque Corporation

BURQUE Corporation

BURQUE Corporation appointed as a sole agent of Nestlé (Switzerland) in 1974 and since that, BURQUE Corporation achieved many milestones in the field of Sales Management & Distribution. BURQUE Corporation caters more than 110,000 outlets across Pakistan from a small corner shop to the hypermarkets. And in 1989 BURQUE Corporation adopted a policy for diversification in the FMCG business and expanded itself as one of the leading Distributors in the region. BURQUE Corporation has a distinction to provide its services and also operating in Tanzania (East Africa). 

While achieving a sales target of Rs. 45 Billion in 2019 BURQUE Corporation has over 55 local branches that cover over 110,000 outlets with 275 sub-distributors across the country. With a team of dedicated highly skilled professionals, BURQUE Corporation BIS (Burque Information System) enables the Principals to track the stocks and sales of each brand. BURQUE Corporation has also designed a very unique ‘Penetration Strategy’ which can be accessed through its website for in-depth study regarding Route wise channels and types of ‘Outlets’ from Superstores to ‘Khokha’.

Home | Home UDL

UDL Distribution PVT LTD

With more than 125 years of distribution experience, UDL was established as ‘Buksh Elahi & Co.’ as a distributor of cigarettes in Delhi (India), Myanmar (Burma), and Sri Lanka. After partition, UDL changed their banner operating in Pakistan to United Distributors Limited. UDL is a well renowned national distribution house in Pakistan, offering warehousing, Logistics, and shop to shop distribution of Pharmaceuticals and consumer products and third-party human resource services. UDL core values include integrity, transparency, business solutions, and teamwork. 

In the year 2019, the annual Sales Turn-over of UDL Group was around Rs. 40 Billion, with more than 43 branches in 27 cities with a workforce of 2400 employees, 300 plus temperature controlled vehicles in more than 810 towns and 72 thousand plus shops across Pakistan. UDL also has 3 central warehouses in three big cities, Karachi, ICT, and Lahore. 

Top Clients of UDL are (Nationals) Pakistan Tobacco, Indus Pharma (MNCs) Abbott, ICI Pakistan, and Johnson and Johnson.

The Vikor Group

The Vikor Group 

The Vikor Group of Companies traces its roots back with a Silk Mill in Bombay during British times in the sub-continent and after Partition, they formed HM Silk Mills (in SITE Area Karachi). HM Silk Mills was the earliest textile operation in the newly born country. With further diversifications, the Group undertakes Chemicals, Plastics, and Pharma businesses, and their fourth Generation is still expanding the businesses today.

The Vikor Group is now one of the Industry’s leading sales and distribution company and expanded into two different companies one as Vikor Enterprises (Pharma distribution house) and other is Vikor Pharma (sales and marketing arm of The Vikor Group).

The Vikor Group expanded to five companies with sales revenue of Rs. 20 Billion, The Vikor Group has a territory dominance over 1084 towns across Pakistan and in more than 44 branches The Vikor Group has employed more than 900 staff with a fleet of over 833 vans and covers more than 40 thousand Outlets.

IBL Distribution

IBL/UDL started its operations in 1887 as a tobacco distributor for the entire pre-partitioned subcontinent.  As business flourished, new offices opened in cities like Karachi and Lahore. After partition, the group moved its headquarters to Karachi under the name of M/s. United Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.

In 1991, UDL separated, and a new company ‘IBL’ International Brands Pvt. Ltd. was formed with a new mission to diversify from just Sales and Distribution to Manufacturing and Marketing. In the year 1993, IBL secured its first breakthrough and bought an American Pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle. IBL manages Searle and other newly established companies and their local operations successfully to date. 

IBL Distribution Top Clients are Johnson and Johnson, SEARLE, DUNKIN DONUTS, HABITT, and others.

According to their website (, currently, IBL is the Largest Distributor in Pakistan with a Sales volume of more than US$ 350 million and operates through more than 100 branches nationwide. IBL Distribution’s recent sales revenue was around Rs. 20 billion, more than 80% was pharmaceutical sales and around 20% was the consumer. IBL Distribution covers more than 36 thousand pharmaceutical outlets while consumer outlet coverage is more than 25,000.

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Ali Gohar and Company

Ali Gohar and Company is Pakistan’s one-stop premier distribution company that has been in the distribution business for more than six decades. Most of Ali Gohar and Company clients are from the Pharmaceutical & FMCG sector. Ali Gohar and Company specializes in moving temperature-sensitive products from vaccines to fruits and vegetables. Ali Gohar and Company JD Edward’s enterprise application for financial and inventory management systems and MIS – Management Information System proved to be helpful in managing accounts and maintaining timely delivery and accuracy for products.

Ali Gohar and Company has over 20 branches covering over 30,000 outlets across Pakistan with annual sales collections are estimated around Rs. 13 billion.


Parazelsus Pakistan

Parazelsus, a name inspired by a Swiss alchemist, founded in 2005 by Peter Zuellig with their Head Office in Park Towers, Karachi while having 24 other Branches with dominion over 47000 accounts all over Pakistan, records an annual turnover over Rs. 10 billion.

Parazelsus enjoys a good reputation and working as a main Distribution Partner with PACKAGES, NOVARTIS, GSK, RECKITT BENCKISER, ONTEX, PERIDOT, CCL, REMINGTON and other.

Allied Marketing

Allied Marketing began in 1898 by (Late) Haji Sheikh Muhammad Din and (Late) Haji S.M. Ilyas by the name of SM Ilyas and Sons in 1898. From Imperial Tobacco (today Pakistan Tobacco), then association with Woodwards & Thompson to Lever Brothers India (Lever Brothers Pakistan) to Lipton, from pre-partition to Pakistan’s Independence, SM Ilyas converted to Private Ltd company in 1959.

Top Clients of Allied Marketing are Fauji Cereals, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Unilever, and others.

Abudawood Pakistan | LinkedIn

AbuDawood Pakistan

In 1935, Sheikh Ismail Ali Abudawood established a wholesale business in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2008, with more than 1500 workforce, ATCO –Abudawood Trading Company entered into Pakistani Market by taking over the Distribution of P&G from IBL (a well-established Distribution company in Pakistan). Originally known as Ismail Ali Abudawood trading company (IATCO), it soon became the brand partner for various international brands. 

Abu Dawood Pakistan is headquarters in Dolmen Mall Executive Tower, Karachi. Abu Dawood Pakistan has over 36 Sales and Warehousing locations and currently employs more than 2000 workforce.

Abu Dawood Pakistan partners are HAMDARD, Rupali Foods, Nutella (Ferrero), and others.

Sabiha Anees Logo


Established as a Food Imports business in the year 2000 by a LUMS graduate by a very kind person Nafees Barry and named it after his Parents ‘Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprises’.

Currently, SABIHA ANEES is a leading food importer in Pakistan with a network of 50 plus distributors delivering over 150 items to more than 100 cities and towns in Pakistan and headquartered in Lahore with regional representation in Karachi, Islamabad.

With a representation of more than 9 world-class companies, we hope SABIHA ANEES will become a Global brand as SABIHA ANEES repeat the history and hope that Barry will name it ‘La Bonita’.

Top Clients: Friesland Campina (ex Engro Foods), United Foods with very unique products like Häagen-Dazs, RAINBOW condensed milk, Mumtaz, Belle, Olive Groove Butter, and HAPPY COW Cheese.

Disclaimer: The List Of Distributors Above Is Based On Their Annual Turnover. SPF Does Not Take Any Responsibility Or Guarantee Of Any Of The Distributors Above On Our Website.

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