The pandemic had more negative impacts than it was anticipated.

Experts predicted the uncertainty of crisis in April, there is a higher degree of distrust and doubts around the forecast by them and the pandemic has more negative impacts on the economical activity than it was anticipated. Economic activities are more gradual than it was projected by the economy experts during this unprecedented and unpredicted global crisis in the first half of the year 2020. The low household income reduces the progress of poverty alleviation. This unprecedented increase in the hardship and distress of the people of developing countries. It starks the progress of all the measures taken by the world to eliminate poverty, the countries with a paucity of resources and diminishing economies trimmed down by the pandemic more than it was expected.

Greater Scars left by the pandemic – need to follow hygiene practices

We also discuss some assumptions about the fallout from the pandemic in the second half of 2020. The unpredicted crisis left greater scars on the economies with greater infections of virus and hit the productivity of surviving businesses, they must need to increase the firm’s production by following necessary hygiene and safety practices at the workplace.

Pandemic demands for resourcing adequate healthcare system

The unpredicted crisis thus demands an adequate and better than before the health system which must be resourced at each level. The global health community step up with its support to them through financial assistance to the countries with no or limited health care facilities for their people and must be channeling of sourcing and finding for the vaccine for protection from virus and these doses must be adequately available to all these countries. The International community must provide them with the vaccine and its adequate doses, it also requires a greater economic policy that should continue cushioning house-hold income losses with substantial and well-targeted measures and provide support to the businesses undergo these lockdowns and cannot bear the outcomes of economic slow-down.

Liquidity Assistance to the countries with high infections

Liquidity assistance is urgently needed for the countries with high infections and confronting unpredicted health crisis. Through the Global Relief Funds and other financial assistance, strong multilateral cooperation is essential at each forum on different levels. The Global community must act now to remove any trade or financing threat arise due to the pandemic and help these economies recover from the tensions of lack of trade and negative economic growth.


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“The International Community work together to mitigate the effects of a pandemic, and the stakeholders equally contribute to avoid repeating any catastrophe and save the world from any unpredicted epidemic in the future.”

For our readers, we always come up with rare thoughts about why the world undergo with disasters and humanity is suffering from, and the one which is not considered as the biggest threat to mankind in the developing countries is ‘Climate Change’…

The world is our home

Healing the world and making it a better place for living is the biggest concern of everyone in today’s world except for the developing nations where education is not a priority of the governments. 

Measures must be taken by the Developing nations or third world countries

  1. Carbon Taxation
  2. Emission of greenhouse gases

Carbon Taxation

Carbon taxation is a fee levied on the burning of carbon content or carbon-based fuels like oil, coal, gas. Carbon eventually destroys our climate and carbon tax is policy to reduce and eliminate the use of fossil fuel. The policymakers must implement strict laws and enforce them globally where factories emitting carbon/greenhouse gases. 

Emission of greenhouse gases

The record drop in greenhouse gases during pandemic evolving our earth into a better place to live for everyone and the global community must act now and help governments to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases which are warming the climate because these greenhouse gases trap the heat radiation (from Earth to space).

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