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A Restaurant is a business or an eatery that prepares and serves food to its customers. A Restaurant can be defined as a place or a facility that prepares and sells foods & drinks directly to the customers for immediate consumption. Therefore, we give a list of famous restaurants in Karachi.

Restaurants can be divided into many categories. This blog alone cannot cover the whole country list of famous Restaurants. For our Sales Professionals Forum respectable Readers, we have chosen the best eatery in Karachi first. We will be posting the Ten Famous Restaurants of other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar and others in the next Top Ten blogs.

Pakistan economy is very unpredictable. In the wake of COVID-19 eatery business seen a historic recession. Millions thanks to Almighty for a miraculous revival of one of the biggest Industries all over the world particularly in Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of workers, staff, managers, cook, ride-hailing services and billions of rupees investment were standing in the stark contrast and extending of the virus game, eatery business will see more severe days of economic devastation.

Every Cuisine prepared in the regions have stories to tell about its place and origin.


Pakistani Restaurants offer delicious and mouth-watering foods with affordable prices including Arabic, Continental, Fast Food, Mediterranean, Oriental, Pakistani, Persian, Thai & Turkish.

The Arabic menu offers famous Mandi & Shawarma with Lebanese Hummus, Falafel & Tabouleh. Pakistani or Desi Cuisine menu includes Biriyani, Haleem, Mutton Kunna, Keema, Chapli Kabab & Mixed Vegetables etc.

Note: we just do not recommend any specific item from any of the restaurant’s menu. Food taste and quality many times depends upon your health & mood. An International Fast-Food Chain is also including in the list due to its pivotal CSR role in Pakistan.

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Ten Famous Restaurants in Karachi

Restaurants In Karachi

Al Habib Restaurant – 0300-3592402, 0300-9288548

Our readers must be surprised that why we only choose Al Habib Restaurant and what made us include Al Habib Restaurant to include in the Top Restaurants list where many other Restaurants on the Super High-way like Shinwari and other Karachi houses are also making the delicious food too. Well, Al Habib Restaurant has been there for more than 2 decades. Al Habib Restaurant had set the trend of visiting Super-Highway Restaurants with your family and offered ample space for Dining and Praying for the visitors along with a big play area. From Fried Rice to Chow Mein, BBQ Platter to Fish Tikka, Batair to Mutton Karachi everything is offered on its menu for the customers. Al Habib has another outlet at Do-Darya Phase 8, DHA Karachi.

Restaurants In Karachi

BBQ Tonight – call for reservation or delivery: 021-111227-111

BBQ Tonight claims to be the pioneer of authentic Pakistani cuisine. It was inaugurated in 1998 and started serving authentic Desi cuisine and signature Bar-B-Que dishes. BBQ Tonight has become a symbol of hygiene & the quality & serving unique food to its customers. The food serves at BBQ Tonight reminds of the most exquisite South Asian taste and Culture. The rooftop dining is a remarkable experience and evocates family unions. The BBQ Tonight aims to cater to the masses and strive to keep the tradition alive. In 2016, BBQ Tonight received the shield for the highest taxpayer in Lahore, Punjab. BBQ Tonight proudly serving in 14 different locations across the globe and serving the Asian cuisine in Dhaka, Dubai & Singapore. Companies interested in Franchising BBQ Tonight can approach Sardar Abdul Qayum & Sardar Abdul Rahim through,  

Restaurants In Karachi

Café Aylanto – Karachi: 021-35309868-69 – 0307-AYLANTO

Ambience, Service and hygiene 10 out of 10. Café Aylanto is quite expensive and there is a mix of reviews about the quantity of food which is getting smaller day by day but after your visit, you will say “worth it”. Inspired by the Mediterranean, Aylanto’s presentation and taste will give you an exceptional dining experience. Situated in Clifton Block 4 near Dolmen Mall, it is a place open for Dining and also offer curbside pickup for its customers. Aylanto’s ambience (Chic décor) is very elegant, fashionable and trendy. You can place your orders according to your taste. Aylanto offers fine dining with personalized service.

Restaurants In Karachi

Kababjees – 021-111-666-111 (delivery & reservation)

Kababjees is a perfect place to rejoice with family. Located at the “Do-Darya” with the most relaxing décor, Kababjees is a place where you keep visiting throughout your life. If we say that Kababjees is the most revisiting place of almost every reader then it is a truth unfold and many of our readers would agree. Kababjees is a place which is closer to home. From mid-income class to highly-sophisticated elite, you will find ever one enjoying the environment and most hygienic quality food. Visiting Kababjees is a memorable experience for Karachiites. Kababjees and Kolachi have one thing in common are offering food right above the seashores which gives you an ultimate experience and you will be a fan forever.

Restaurants In Karachi

Kolachi – Pride of Karachi – 021-111-111-001

Kolachi is more than a restaurant, it’s a Romantic experience for most of us. We can say Kolachi is the Monal of Karachi, its scenic ocean view and the cosy environment takes you to the next level. Kolachi is a well-known dining spot and value for money. The cosy atmosphere at Do-Darya adds sensations to the visit. Why Kolachi is the top Restaurant of Karachi because they also offer the delicious foods ranges from Pakistani, Lebanese, Continental & BBQ and their service quality has no match in the whole of Pakistan. Customers can direct the waiters for any customized changes in the food they order. Sometimes your taste buds may deceive you but they never compromise on the hygiene & services.


Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese – Fine Dining (021-111-446-769)

Starts from Appetizer like Hot n Sour Soup, Chicken Corn Soup, Drum Stick, Spring Roll or Prawn Balls or Prawn Tempura, Ginsoy has a delicious list of items to offer for its customers at dining or delivery. Other than Appetizers Ginsoy offers a full range of Beef (chilli, rice, dry or gravy), Sea-Food (Fish, Dry, Rice, Gravy, with Vegetable), Rice & Noodles (with Fried Rice, Fried Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Chow Mein) etc. Many celebrities including Sania Saeed praise Ginsoy after their dining experience. The ambience speaks itself, contemporary tableware, and dimly lit colourful lamps above each table with fresh and tasty recipes give you an exquisite experience in Ginsoy. With more than 8 outlets in Karachi (and one coming to Lahore), Ginsoy offers classic recipes with a modern touch and rule the Chinese segment in Karachi and caters thousands of satisfied customers. 

Lal Qila – 021-111-525-745

Lal Qila Restaurant situated at Main Shahra e Faisal on the busiest boulevard of Karachi. This site is reminiscent of the Golden Era of the Mughal Emperors rule the sub-continent from 16th to mid-18th Century. Lal Qila introduces a new way of innovation in the eatery business and still leading its way to meet the high standards of its guests. Lal Qila offers Hi-Tea, Lunch & Dinner Buffet to its customers. The foodies can choose the Dining Areas of Lal Qila according to their preferences as Lal Qila offers five-different Dining Areas Open To Sky, Mughlai Hall, Bara – Dari, Dewan e Khas & River. According to the CEO of Lal Qila, “To built a restaurant was his dream and he translated it”. Fun Qila is the largest play area in any other restaurant in Pakistan. Lal Qila is also ISO 9001:2008 certified restaurant in Karachi.


Jawed Nihari – Tastiest food

Located at FB Area Dastagir, Dehli Javed Restaurant has fans in Dubai too where one can buy 900grams canned Nihari from Empress Market Al-Barsha & Karama. Nalli Nihari, Nalli Beef or Meghaz Nihari, Jawed Nihari is the best restaurant in Karachi & extremely popular for its chatpata taste and garam tandoori naan served along with a fresh plate of Nihari. Friends, Families can dine in Jawed Nihari Restaurant or this famous Nihari can be ordered through Careem, TCS, Leopard, BYKEA courier & food delivery services. Although Dehlo Sohail & Zahid Nihari also make the tastiest Nihari in Karachi, Jawed is exceptional. 

Restaurants In Karachi

Xander’s – 0213-5293653 – 021-35250408, 021-34551096

Xander’s is popular with Women, Students & Pet Lovers. That is not only the reason people love Xander’s. If you are not an early bird Xander’s offers all-day Egg & Sweet breakfast with fresh and light-meal. Xander’s special wood fried oven, Salads, Old school Burger, Fish & Chips, Pasta Salmon will give you an exciting experience and your sweet tooth craving will be satisfied with the brownies, velvet cupcakes & blueberry yoghurt. Xander’s is minimalistic American modern gourmet Café with indoor-outdoor seating offers BBQ & Vegetarian Menu. Xander’s salads, open-face sandwiches, Feta & Spinach Pizza & English-breakfast are the main reasons for the young people to make frequent visits to this Café. Most foodies do not prefer visiting fine dining Cafés due to the small portions which are not enough for one person but visiting Xander’s is a very recommended relaxing experience. Sikander (Grand Son of Madam Noor Jehan known as Xander), also owns another famous restaurant Café Flo which was established by his French mother Florence.

Restaurants In Karachi


What made us include Mandi in the list? Mandi is a recent trend in Pakistan. Mandi is a signature Arabic cuisine. Mandi is originated from Yemen consisting of Meat (Camel, Lamb, Goat, Chicken) with a blend of different spices cooked in a pit (similar to Kunna method in Pakistan). In Pakistan, Mandi is served with Hari chutney (Mint), Tomato chutney while trying to give the customers the authentic Mandi flavour as they may have tried in any Arabic country. The most prominent Restaurants offer Mandi are “Ridan – House of Mandi”, “Mandi Al Khaleej”, “Bait Al Mandi”.

Disclaimer: We encourage our local industry and love to promote & celebrate the patrons of food arts in our country. We are not responsible for any outcome or results arise of your visit to any of those places mentioned on this Forum

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