Sales tips and techniques to build a successful Sales Career.

This blog is inspired by the Sales Training Professional Dean Kerrel, a hardcore Sales Professional in the Sales Profession for the last three decades. After reading this article, you would be able to adapt some good sales tips & techniques to build not only a successful Sales Career, but it will also help you gain confidence and build a successful business relationship. You will be able to feel what a successful Sales Professional has gone through the anxieties, pressures, and joy when the Buyer and Seller meet their goals.

Before we share these sales tips and techniques in details, we want the Sales Professionals to understand these Key Factors:

Job Descriptions, Sales titles

There are many other titles you could be given from Sale Development Executive, Sales Consultant, Sales Engineer, Key Account Manager, Telephone Sales Officer don’t worry about the name. All of them come under the umbrella of SALES.

Don’t worry about the Sales Titles, your Company will give you the Sales Strategy


After not worrying about the Sales ‘Titles’ you have, you should be worried about the complexities, methodologies, and specific Sales Strategies. It’s your company that supplies you with these all techniques after they hire you to present it to your customer.

Every Industry has different sales tips and techniques to sell

From Pharmaceuticals to Financials, Technology to Government every company has some positive relationships within the industry. You just focus on learning positive techniques, listen carefully to what is been told and engage in different activities, and build trust within your organization and with your customer.

To understand what Sales Titles are all about we should consider these key items:

Be yourself, don’t be intimidated by other professionals

Don’t be intimidated by the Sales Trainers and Sales Motivational Speakers and don’t be like them or sell like them. Be yourself and do it as you like it to become a great Sales Professional in your life. You would be told by everyone to opt to be a Salesperson or to develop a Sales Person personality, No you do not to be. Be Authentic, we cannot risking ourselves to become something we want to be by changing ourselves. Show Positive skills because people want to be with us or trust us around us or by working with us.

Be Real, Be Transparent

You can always improve yourself. Your real test is what you do when you are not being watched. Your character told everything about yourself and people trust you depending upon it. Keep things simple because when people trust you they follow you.

Work on positivity as it will never happen just by saying it – Being Positive is a choice

Positivity cannot be happened just by saying it. It is something you have to work at it. You have to align yourself to remove negativity and be around positive people who work at it to become a better you. Although getting around with positive people is also not easy, we always never find people who just wave their arms and say ‘follow me’ and you just move towards positivity. We cannot be positive all of the time. It is not an ideal situation all of the time. Your attitude must be strong when things are not going well because people always watching you and judge you how you react to difficult situations. Positive people are leaders because they support their people in turbulent times.



Feeling weak and Breaking Down While Making Sales

It is not you only who got nervous at the time of making Sales. Yes, feeling vulnerable, unprotected, and helpless is a very normal feeling in the life of a successful sales professional’s career. How you can overcome this feeling, its very simple, develop a positive connection with that person you are vulnerable to, breaks down the barrier, show them you are real and be authentic.

The most authentic way to be positive in a vulnerable situation when you have fear to open up is to show an emotional less or non-emotional face is a very effective strategy especially when you cannot trust the other person but showing your weakness must be balanced and vulnerability should not be shown as ‘defeated’.

Honesty and Integrity is the backbone of your Career

The aspects of honesty and ethics are often reviewed. Never deceive your customer by over commitments or misinformation about your product or service that may not be true. Pay close attention that you must be seen as trustworthy and honest by your colleagues. Meeting deadlines or achieving sales targets will put you seemingly in a better light. For example, if your customer needs some modifications in your product and there is a potential risk is involved, do meet with your Production and ask for the fixes and be sure that everything is ‘fine’… Your reputation is most crucial and it is impossible to repair once despaired.

Self Confidence

Developing Self-Confidence is one of the most difficult skills to learn. It is a challenge for all of the Sales Professionals from entry-level to CEO. You can be vulnerable to poor leadership. You cannot be around positive people all the time and it is difficult to avoid negative people all the time because they can steal your confidence and self-esteem at any time. Take an evening walk and self-evaluate yourself and focus on small things. Don’t be over-critical about yourself. Buyers respond to self-confident Sales executives more often.

Let your result do the talking

Don’t tell everyone how great you are, let your results do the talking. Keep your ego in check as a big ego cause isolation which damages the relationship. Encourage others and avoid saying “I” so often it loses respect, appreciation for others. Never talk about your successes, admit “Team Success”.

Be Self Aware

Keep watching for the signals from those you work with and always monitor is being aware of yourself. Keeping a real balance, keep your focus on your team rather than your success.

Are you a Self-Proclaimed-Expert on everything in your company?

There are self-proclaimed-experts in every company and we are sure that you never wanted to be that person in the business environment. There is always something to avoid especially when you are in the Sales Profession and your un-wanted comments or saying without knowing the subject can make the matter worse. Complementing the Bosses with ingenuine comments will make people roll their eyes.

Avoid Gossipers

Avoid gossipers. The people who are making assumptions and not genuine is a must to avoid in the Sales profession. Sometimes taking interest in the personal life of your colleagues and it’s a must for you to show that you really care about them but avoid un-real people.

Focus on the need of the Customers

To make a great career in sales you must keep things simple by focusing on the customer’s needs. The fastest way to solve customer’s problems, make educated decisions by following your instincts and take necessary steps to accomplish the task and do it in a very simple way. Don’t over think, over analyze and over complicating it by sitting for long hours in the Office. Prioritize the Customer’s problems by analyzing the issues depending on customer’s needs. Some problems may not be solved immediately and those issues may need deep analysis and a lot of discussions. Be diligent and organized and prioritize by giving it a few minutes extra.

Prioritize and Focus on making Sales and use CRM and other organizing software management.

Best Salespeople focus on their customer’s needs and prioritize their work by focusing simply on their Sales accounts. Salespeople always pulled in many different directions with requests for Account Management and call reports. You must learn how to manage and prioritize and proceed with the decisions you want. Use your common sense.

Nobody can work with 100% effectiveness whole day

Find your most productive time in a day and handle the most critical items first. Eat the ugliest frog first. Do the quick analysis and don’t spend too much time on emails / WhatsApp. Make a to-do-list for the next day at the end of the day. Don’t be trap in preparations. Be focuses with the items with great impacts.

Good Fortune sometimes shines on some people but not always

You will be seeing some of your colleagues to perform or outperform their colleagues and good fortune shines on them whenever a big order is expected or you find them at the right place when something good is going to get happened. But it is not always like that there are some good reasons behind it and those ‘reasons’ are simply their actions. Their commitments and taking actions and working hard will make success follow them. They are extremely responsible and very committed and give 100% by fully engaged.

Efforts matters not the amount of time you spend at your desk

Evaluate your work habits, watch your work habits. Your efforts matter not the amount of time you spend at your Office desk. You don’t need to be highly qualified only but hard-working pays and create success.

Listening skills differentiate between Good Sales person and weak ones

Too much talking and not asking enough questions and not listening will separate a Top Sales person from the weak Sales person. Stop talking and pay attention. Practice Listening as this skill needs to be improved. Listen to the Sales Professionals ahead of you and pay attention to their words. Listening carefully shows that you respect other too.

Remembering Names and small details shows that your care

When you meet someone and asking for their names two or three times means that you don’t care. When someone been introduced and your response them with their names is a sign of respect. Although you may forget their names later but remembering their names for instance shows that you are a sales professional.

Create an environment where people support each other

Creating an environment where people support each other and view each other as a team and recognize each other’s success. People feel extra energy and setting a positive tone. Compliments and word of appreciation don’t always come from the Bosses and Managers, you must create an environment of appreciating and reward your peers.

Don’t be rude, your behavior is been watched

Treat people as you want to be treated.

Empathy not Sympathy

Be honest to others and show real empathy also shows your strong emotional intelligence. Taking care of the people and reaching them in a way that they feel comfortable and cheering them up or visiting them when if they are ill or taking care of them in case if they lost their job really amazed people. In the course of your career you meet different people in different situations, remember your behaviour toward them will completely change their perception. There are a lot of online courses available to learn the differences between real empathy and sympathy. Make conscious decisions and practice empathy.

Become an Exceptional Sales Person

How to become an exceptional salesperson? Simple, honour your commitment. If you have committed to providing to give any product or going to do something or promises to show up or meeting at sometime them if you don’t then there is a big problem. Mistakes could happen to anyone of us but if it happens to you every time it proves that you are not honouring your commitments it means you are untrustworthy and unreliable.

Don’t disgrace yourself for not apologizing for your outrage

If you have made some mistake then don’t disgrace yourself for not accepting whether to your Boss or a Customer before its too late. Don’t make your mistake become a disgraceful scandal. Make your Boss aware of the situation and correct the situation. Managed to solve your problem as early as possible, trust me, people will start behaving differently when you apologize and take responsibility for your actions.

Put yourself in the Buyer’s Position and listen carefully to the buyer’s feedback

Many Sales Professionals fail because they do not listen to the Buyer’s needs carefully and focus on just selling them. Being sensitive to the Buyer’s issues and focusing on the prioritize of the buyer is called a must be the main part of Sales preparations. Prepare your proposals and presentations according to the needs of your Buyer and knowing your audience is the key to a successful Sales career. Knowing your audience, knowing their interests will make a long-lasting or lifetime positive impact on them.

Never leave a bad impact on the ex-employer

According to Dean Karel, this is called “Don’t burn your bridges”…. Don’t break your relationship in the business otherwise it will get very difficult or impossible to make it again. Not burning your bridges term also apply on your ex-bosses and colleagues as you never know that the same person could be your next
Project Manager or Boss or you find them in the other company you may join in future.

What is the Role of Sales Professional?

No matter what your Designation or function you have as a Sales Professional, your role as a Sales Professional is to provide your Buyer’s product or service they need. Research your customer’s needs, plan and prepare for it, must have full knowledge of your product and weaknesses and follow your sales process diligently. You must not be weak at communicating and reporting back to others, we need to share successes and this can be done by the help of CRM or other managing tools. Be at the top of your game. Always strive for learning new techniques.

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