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Qurbani Online: List of all Service Providers that facilitate Online Qurbani

Eid-ul-Azha (Eid ul Adha) or Eid e Qurban / Qurbani is an annual tradition for Muslims and observed all over the world in the month of Zul Hajj, marking the completion of ‘Hajj’. Qurbani or Bakra Eid starts from the 10th of Zul Hajj / Dhul-Hijjah and ended on the evening of 12th Zul Hajj (31st July to 2nd August 2020 depending on the moon sighting). This event comes in the 12th or last month of the Islamic calendar. It is an obligation which is commanded by ALLAH (SWT) commemorates the action of Prophet Ibrahim A.S.


Qurbani (sacrifice) of an animal must be given after Namaz e Eid on 10th Zul Hajj and right up (sunset) Maghreb time on (the third day) 12th Zul Hajj. The basic rules of Qurbani include that a Muslim should give Qurbani must have reached the age of puberty and holds (above the threshold of) 52.5 tolas silver. 

The meat from Qurbani must be divided equally into three parts, Family, Friends, and Poor and the butcher cannot be paid by the meat/skin or any part of the animal sacrificed. A sheep or goat is counted as one Qurbani and Buffalo, Cow or Camel can count up Qurbani of seven people.


Private companies receiving record online Qurbani orders in view of Coronavirus Pandemic

Newspapers, TV Commercials, SMS marketing, and Online companies flooded our mobile phones with Online Qurbani posts and advertisements. An unprecedented crisis brought unprecedented growth in Qurbani online business across the Muslim World. Muslims must be thankful to Non-Muslims for the inculcation of Technology that makes the ‘Sunnat e Ibrami’ convenient and manageable for them in the life-changing and worst COVID-19 days were a lot of people lost their livelihoods…

ALLAH (swt) says in the Qur’an: “It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches ALLAH, it is your piety that reaches Him.” (Al Quran Surah Al Hajj (22), Ayat 37)

For the convenience of our readers, we share a list of almost all Online Qurbani service providers offering their animal sacrificing meat distribution services to their customers:

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital 

SKMCH offers online Qurbani services for its donors and supporters across the world. ‘This Year, Stay Safe And Let Us Take Care Of Your Qurbani For You’, Shaukat Khanum team supervises the Qurbani process from the beginning till the end. SKMCH selects the best slaughterhouses for the sacred obligation of Muslims around the world. SKMCH had distributed over 275,000 kg of halal Qurbani meat in 2019. The last day for booking Online Qurbani orders is ‘July 27th, 2020’. You can contact Shaukat Khanum Hospital at +92 42 35905000 Ext.7004 or email SKMCH at 

Alkhidmat Qurbani – Qurbani ‘Fe Sabeel Lillah

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Qurbani program organized every year for the underprivileged families. The program ensures the provision of meat to the poor and needy people in Pakistan, Syria and Rohingya (Myanmar), so you can donate for the cause online at or call on 0800 44 448 website:

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BWT – Baitussalam Welfare Trust is a brainchild who runs under the guidance of Maulana Abdus Sattar who is the Imam (Khateeb) of a very famous Masjid (mosque) situated in Defence Phase 4, Karachi. BWT was started in 2010 when the devastating flood struck the Province of Sindh and Punjab, rendered many homeless and with the grace of ALLAH, BWT grown exponentially and joined hands with Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) helped the oppressed and established two Bakeries that produces 300,000 breads daily to cater the needs of the devastated Syrian refugees. 

Baitussalam – Baitussalam Welfare Trust

BWT also maintains ample stocks of healthy Livestock for daily Sadqa / Aqeeqah needs in Karachi. BWT arranges IJTIMAI (Collective) Qurbani every year on Eid-ul-Adha.  The meat not only distributes among the destitute it is also used in the BWT education centers in Karachi. 


Alamgir Welfare Trust Int'l - Home | Facebook

AWT – Alamgir Welfare Trust (believes in the philosophy of welfare for all) serving the indigent humanity and working for the humanity for last two decades. Established by renowned businessman Anwar Naseem Chanda with a thought that the wastage (like leftover food at wedding receptions) by this affluent society can be salvaged brings a change in the lives of underprivileged. AWT strives to create opportunities for the people to be self-reliant and to make Pakistan a great country to live in. Alamgir Welfare Trust not only provides Qurbani meat distribution it also manages to serve humanity from Health, Education, Marriage Assistance, Emergency Relief, Hajj / Umra Assistance, Rescue, and Funeral services.

You can contact: Karachi +92-21-111-153-153, +92-21-34852055-60, Islamabad: +92-51-111-153-153 or email at: 


Meat One is a subsidiary of one of Pakistan’s biggest Meat Exporters Al-Shaheer Foods. Meat One’s primary objective is to provide the finest meat slaughtered and handled in a hygienic environment and specialized in retailing a wide range of fresh prime Beef and Mutton meat cuts through its chain stores across Pakistan.
ARY Sahulat Bazar Online Shopping in Pakistan


ARY Wallet and ARY Sahulat bazaar are initiated by the ARY Group. ARY also owns big cattle farms and already ventured into livestock business. Therefore, ARY’s own Cattle Farms are integrated with Sahulat Bazar mobile App and its website and deliver the random animal on EID ul Azha or you can choose for meat option as well. There are no such contact details available on the ARY Sahulat Bazar website. You need to visit:


Akhuwat is a non-profit organization, registered in 2003, based in Lahore, Pakistan. Akhuwat makes Qurbani convenient and the meat shall be distributed among poor and underprivileged. For donations and Qurbani please contact: +92-42- 111-448-464, +92-324-4032404, email:

Saylani Welfare International Trust was established in 1999 by a religious/spiritual scholar Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui. This organization endeavors to provide the best quality food, like Mutton Qorma, Mutton Briyani to underprivileged through their 125 branches operating under the guidance of a team of over 2000 thousand workers. Saylani has overseas offices in the UK, USA, and the Middle East and serves in more than 60 different sectors. Saylani offers its welfare services in Drinking Water (R.O Plant), Online Sadqa (Aqeeqah), Medical and Education with upcoming welfare projects including Housing Society, IT Literacy, Hepatitis, and Tharparkar. For donations and Online Qurbani: UAN +92-21-111-729-526, Cell: +92-311-1729526, USA: +1(716)941 7792, UK: +44-115 970 6256, Email: 

Imtiaz Super Market

IMTIAZ Super Market, a pioneer in the retail industry of Pakistan, showcasing over 10,000 brands at the lowest price in Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala is now offering ‘Easy Qurbani for Eid-ul-Adha with convenience. EASY Qurbani is a halal reliable service by IMTIAZ Superstore for individuals who wish to avail of this offer have to register themselves at IMTIAZ Gulshan and DHA Branches in Karachi (for Goats only). Please contact: +92-21-111-468-429, or visit:

Dawat e Islami main Head Office ‘FAIZAN-e-MADINA’ is located on University Road headed by the Ameer Ehl e Sunnat Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Razvi Ziaee, famous for MADNI Channel. 

online qurbani

For donations and Online Qurbani through Dawat e Islami, you can contact at: (Whatsapp UK) 00-44-7393-123-786, (Whatsapp Pakistan) 0316-2626-000, Tel: 00-92-34910830 between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM or +92-21-34921388-93, UAN: +92-21-111-252-692, email: 

The Indus Hospital Korangi Campus


QURBANI WITH INDUS HOSPITAL – A Blessing for you and hope for many… Perform ‘Qurbani’ with The Indus Hospital with safety and convenience can be a source of hope for less privileged Pakistanis as this meat can nourish them for a few days and the funds generated from the skin of these animals will be used to treat poor patients. For donations please call: +92-21-111-111-880, +92-42-111-111-880 or 0311-1111880. Email:

Edhi Foundation

The developed countries put the responsibilities of their people welfare primarily on their Governments whereas the underdeveloped or developing countries look for other or foreign assistance like ‘Abdul Sattar EDHI (late) for this purpose. The seeds of compassion for the suffering humanity were sown in late EDHI’s soul by his mother (His mother became paralyzed and later got mentally ill). Through Online Qurbani Donation, you can donate in the shape of Full Cow or share through your UBL or Easy Paisa online payment systems. Just visit +92-306-5401886 –

Co-founded by Ibrahim Bashir, Qurbani App is Digitizing the Livestock sector of Pakistan. Buy and Sell Your Animals on a flip of a finger Now! Book your sacrificial animals via the ‘Qurbani App’. Just install this app and make your first Digital Qurbani. Qurbani App is cordially presented in sponsor with ‘JAZZ xlr8’, ‘National Incubation Centre’, ‘Teamup’, ‘Plan’, ‘OTF’, and others.

Image may contain: drawing – Bakra Online Maveshi Mandi

The Bakra Online ‘Maveshi Mandi’ provides its customers with a unique way of selecting the biggest range of livestock for home delivery. Muslims all over the world from Japan to Canada, China UK, and the Middle East can perform Qurbani through Bakra Online Maveshi Mandi. Bakra Online Maveshi Mandi is a Platform for buying and selling animals online not only on Bakra EID also throughout the year.


QURBANI PRO is an online service which is an initiative HMP Pvt Ltd a HACCP Halal Certified Export based company, is a state-of-the-art slaughterhouse (butchery) based in twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Hilal Meat Processing Private Limited is one of the most prestigious names in meat processing located in Fateh Jang (20 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport). Hilal Meat is a retail brand that operates through a chain of meat retail outlets in Pindi/Islamabad. 


QURBANI PRO is the best choice to perform all of your religious obligations as they offer a fixed rate per kg for live animals and also offer Qurbani through their own slaughtering facility and the meat can be collected from Meat Pro various outlets is ICT. Serviced Offered: ‘Online Saqda, Online Aqeeqah, and Online Qurbani’. Contact: Mobile: +92-345-5003589, Tel: +92-51-2809836 | The Best Online Grocery & Electronics Store ... | The Best Online Grocery & Electronics Store ...

METRO Online has the solution for making your Bakra Eid (Eid-ul-Azha) hassle and corona free. You can book your Qurbani by just click on the above link or visit the METRO Online website and it will be delivered to your doorstep on EID’s first or second day (according to your preferences). METRO will accept Credit / Debit Card, JAZZ Cash, Direct Bank Transfer to METRO and EasyPaisa for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad only. Terms are slightly different from other Online meat service providers which included Rs. Qurbani price difference for Eid first and second day, 500/- payment for meat delivery charges and collection of meat by showing NIC including the print of the order confirmation email.

Qurbani Online - the ultimate way of purchasing animals for Qurbani

Claiming to maintain numerous halal meat quality points and Qurbani meat processed under Pakistan Islamic Foundation, Qurbani Online is committed to channelized all income generated from Meat and its by-products to make a difference in the economy of Muslim ‘Ummah’ and have faith in achieving this mission by the Will of Almighty and the people’s aid and benefaction. Aqeeqa Online and Qurbani Online are the main focus of Qurbani Online. Please contact for all your Halal Shariat compliance Qurbani need at +92-336- 6655575, or email at (for Karachi & Islamabad).

Online Qurbani

By offering Bakra (Goat) Dumba (Sheep) and Bachiya/Gaaye (Cow), is currently serving in Karachi only. This Online Qurbani service provider offers Full Cow or share both as per your budget and also offer different sizes and weight of your choice. The age criteria are Cow (2 years plus), Goat (1 year plus, and Sheep (1 year plus). As they do not mention any contact number, you need to visit their website for all your Qurbani needs.

Carrefour Development Team Revenue & App Download Estimates from ...

Carrefour Pakistan (Majid Al Futtaim) is one of the largest hypermarkets and Supermarkets in the world. Carrefour ‘QURBANI SAHULAT PACKAGE 2020’ is done within Islamic Shariah laws and following proper SOPs.

There is no information given on the Carrefour Pakistan web page, but we have got to know through a website ( about Carrefour Qurbani offer for this year which ends on 29th July 2020. For more details, please contact the cell numbers written against each one of their Hypermarkets in different cities of Pakistan.  

Sahara For Life Trust

Sahara for Trust (SSMC) Sughra Sharif Medical Complex, Narowal Punjab is once again providing Online Qurbani services for Eid-ul-Azha 2020. By arranging salubrious goats and cows, Sahara Trust ensures proper hygienic methods for slaughtering sacrificial animals at Narowal. The meat will be distributed among the needy ones and the earnings made by selling skin and hides will be used for patients’ treatments at SSMC. You can donate by calling at: +92-42-3668-7564, International: +92-42-3666-9095. Email at: 

ONUS  (INTERNATIONAL) is a Singapore based registered establishment since 2010. Their scope of activities is majorly on Islamic related services for the Muslim Youth development and expand their services by providing Qurbani Services on a global scale. provides every day Aqeeqah Services throughout the year (24/7, 365 days round the clock) and organizes Qurbani Services with Hamidiye Foundation (Pakistan), Solemania Tahfizul Quran Madrasa (Bangladesh), Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust (South Africa), Universal Education & Cultural Trust (India), Falah Education Training Centre (Afghanistan), Yayasan Tahfidz Sulaimaniyah (Indonesia) and others.


There are no such details mentioned on this website, but an attractive feature of this online bakra mandi is that they offer QASAI (Butcher) on their web page that made them exclusive and worthy to mention on our blog.

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