Pakistanis Who Made It to Forbes 30 Under 30

Pakistan has proved it stands out not only in science and cricket but in other aspects of life as well. The country cherishes amazingly talented youth that patriotically serves their people and their country. Let’s look at some gifted and accomplished Pakistanis that made it to Forbes 30 under 30.

Ahmed Rauf Essa

At just 23, Essa founded Telemart; one of Pakistan’s leading online stores — while still in university. His company offers a voluminous wholesale market. His platform also has an Omni-channel presence that caters to about 5000 sellers online. He has won 2 Global and 7 National Awards and was selected as a Rising Star by the World Retail Congress.  

Karishma Ali

Karishma Ali has represented the women of Pakistan by stepping into the fields of sports. She is the first-ever woman from her hometown of Chitral to represent Pakistan on a national level. The 21-year-old is also the co-founder of the Chitral Women’s Sports Club.

Laila Kasuri

The water analyst at Global Green Growth Institute has represented her country while leading researches at the US Army Corps of Engineers and World Bank. She was a member of Harvard’s Water Security Initiative while still a student there. She has contributed to climate-smart irrigation, flood risk reduction, and river basin planning.


Zainab Bibi

Her initiatives towards environment-friendly inventions have led her to be honored with Queen’s Young Leaders Award. She established the Pakistan Society for Green Energy. She created a bio-chemical tissue, which would provide cleaner energy and introduced a drought-resistant plant: Camelina Sativa.

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Roshni Rides

A carpooling solution specially designed for the safety of women and children. Hanaa Lakhani, Hasan Usmani, Gia Farooqi and Moneeb Mian, classmates at Rutger, designed it. Their idea won the Hult Prize worth $1 million. They provide cars, trucks, rickshaws, and vans.

Zain Ashraf

The founder of Seed Out, an organization that works to empowers ambitious people through online donors and interest-free loans. Seed out is the first NGO in Pakistan to extend full arms towards technology to fulfill its aims and projects. Ashraf has also been awarded the Commonwealth Youth Award. He has launched Pakistan’s first online cloud accounting application – Eccountant. He also works at the fast-food chain Hardee’s at the position of a director.

Momina Mustehsan

After being featured in a Bollywood movie’s OST, Mustehsan appeared in Coke Studio and shot to overnight fame with her song Afreen Afreen alongside the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. As a social media sensation, Mustehsan has used this platform to address ignored issues like cyber-bullying and women empowerment in Pakistan. 

Sadia Bashir

The co-founder of PixelArt Games Academy became a medium for girls to break in a male dominant field of video games. Her academy offers scholarships to women who are eager to learn the technologies behind video games. Her efforts are bridging the gender gap in the industry of digital art and game programming, etc.

Adnan and Adeel Shaffi

The pair created an eCommerce platform that compared the price of electronics from all over the world. PriceOye had more than 900,000 visits last year. It focuses on third-tier cities and provides them with the best deals around the world.

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

An aspiring scientist who has had his work published in the Royal Society Open Science journal. At the age of 16, he was the first to photograph the movement of charged ions that form a honeycomb what the scientists call the Rose window instability. His researches have implications in the field of biomedicine. He desires to win a Nobel Prize in Physics.

The list has concluded Pakistanis whose accomplishments are enough to get them under a Forbes list. When it comes to Pakistan, the media has shown no mercy in portraying it to be a dangerous, war-zoned, and religiously-extremist country that hosts the world’s most threatening terrorist groups. But the media often overlooks the lighter, more appreciable side of Pakistan and the overflowing talent that her land produces.

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