Junaid Jamshed – Inspirational Story of Junaid to J.

Junaid Jamshed – A beloved and successful entrepreneur, an inspirational personality, a Muslim philanthropist and the unforgettable – rising to the heavens above sometimes, it is not very convincing to write about someone you have always admired or followed, the inspiration – truly a great memo.

Words are not the right path of expressing; about how you feel about someone or what the feelings are when you lose someone.  That person might be too close to your sentiment, someone who has instilled the feeling and have re-born the dead faith within you – the loss is very much deeply affecting the mind and the ability to get it over – it is becoming a part of you.

Someone from the league of the most handsome Pakistani men; you could not just close your eyes from him and the passion and struggle towards the betterment of the Muslim Ummah and Islam; with what too much negativity and fake propagandas’, listening to his speeches or hamds or naats will just make you feel at the top of the world… Yes; I am starting to talk about the inspiration of none other than – Junaid Jamshed. The icon!

Everything was smooth on December 7, 2016 – the most beloved nasheed singer and an influential Junaid Jamshed died in a plane crash en route to Islamabad.  Junaid Jamshed, who shunned music to preach Islam and sought the limelight directly from the All-Mighty – his faith transformed his destiny – many believed the reality is different. In some of the very briefs one-to-one meetings with Junaid Jamshed at a local mosque and during an Islamic show which Junaid Jamshed used to co-host; I was very much saddened from his sudden death as he was becoming a new strength in the young Muslim youths who were devoting their lives towards Islam.


The Beginning

The metamorphic journey of Junaid Jamshed started with Vital Signs – the rock band where he was a lead vocalist. The band quickly broke the glass ceiling of the music industry with their debut song “Dil Dil Pakistan”, which still today is the unofficial national anthem of Pakistan.

Junaid Jamshed always had a vision for himself. At the reunion with his old friends who were too much into the Islamization, he saw the change and the easiness of freshness – that is what he was always looking for. Meeting with his friends a couple of times, created a deep cult in his heart and he started to spend time with himself learning more and more about Islam.

The Struggle

The simplicity and the change started to shape his career and he left music and started to avoid the media, but was still struggling between two worlds. Within a few years, Junaid Jamshed was back starting to preach Islam and reciting naats and hamds, which started a new craze and his followers who are in millions, started to hear and this what Junaid always wanted – the youth diversification.  Inspired by Maulana Tariq Jameel, Junaid started to love his life and began a new career. Many of the fans who were unable to meet him due to his business or rock star ego, can now meet him in person. He became more social.

The Trendsetter

Junaid Jamshed was an engineer and had a degree but due to his previous life as a singer and musician, he had lost all the passion towards engineering. But, he had to take a chance. With the help a close friend, Junaid started a fashion company named J. (J (DOT) selling clothes for kids, men and women. The business also started to flourish and he started to expand his brand from clothing to perfumes (non-alcoholic) to food.

The Achievements

Well, there are a few people who are not too much loved for their achievements; one is Junaid Jamshed…. He had much involvement in charity and other religious works especially for the betterment of the Muslim world. Junaid Jamshed is one of the most Influential Muslim personalities of the world.

The Inspirational Factor

One of the most inspirational person for the youth, he was also an influential person for many. He provided the world with a new dimension of believing in yourself and devoting yourself to someone. Changing his life from the extreme to the exemplary was not easy for Junaid Jamshed… he might have to kill his instinct many a time as the struggle was not just easy to grasp especially from the limelight of which Junaid was addicted.

The End

Junaid Jamshed prospered and steadfast his faith and till today, even after his death, he is still in the list of the inspiring Muslims. His business yet every business blossomed. The west, however, identified Junaid Jamshed as “televangelist”, but he did not ever preach for funds rather he has left behind a new legacy of Halal business and his stable foundation is making quite a few changes in the industry.

Junaid Jamshed had left a legacy and we honour him for what he was; A beloved and successful entrepreneur, an inspirational personality, a Muslim philanthropist and the unforgettable.

May he rest in peace

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