Is Academics Preparing You Well for a Career in Sales?

The education system of Pakistan is basically designed by the British Government and now in 2019 even after various changes, still unable to meet the market demands.

It is a common complain that course books are not changed even after many years. In universities, most of the examples are given related to the US and Europe which are not suitable for Pakistani students, especially for business management students.

Teaching of technology-based courses in classrooms only arise the questions on the standards on our education system.  

Till 2017, there were 185 universities working in Pakistan from which not even a single university included in world top 500. This is enough to show where we stand in educational standards.


Till 2018, 25 million children couldn’t attend the schools for primary education. Corruption in our education system is also a contributor towards this issue. Cheating is also an important issue to be addressed very seriously. 

It is a key challenge for the Pakistani education system to provide standard quality education to every single citizen of Pakistan.

Current Education and Old Curriculum

In various Pakistani books, it is described that mouse is an input device and floppy disc is a storage device while it was a long time ago when floppies were used. But the question is, what is the need to define all of these things at secondary or even higher secondary level education?  

There is also an important issue that most of the private universities are allegedly interested in money making instead of improving quality in education. 

Change in Educational Trends

Although, the ratio for university enrolment has increased in the past few years, a study has become more research focused than it was ever had. Besides all of these facts, it is also a reality that our education system has failed to deliver quality standards in education.

Nobody in the university will tell you that 15% of the Google staff is hired just because of their skills, instead of their degrees.

And one important thing is what you get on screen when you just type “university makes me”? You get depressed, cry, anxious, feel suicidal etc. Not even a single positive word is generated in the result.

When our engineers study in university, first they study with old editions of different books. After that when they pass out, their knowledge becomes old from day one as many new software and apps make room in a market which they don’t know. In this education system, it is also a question of how an engineering student will cope with the tremendous changes occurring in industry due to rapid changes in technology.

There are some websites which offer online courses to enhance skills. Udemy and edx are commonly known for online education. On edx, most of the courses are free and some provide certificate after paying some fee.     

Education and Sales Profession

Gone are the days when sales was a profession considered for those who could not get an office job. Any matriculation, intermediate, graduate or even masters entered in this profession just because of the reason they could not get an appropriate job. Now sales is a profession where specialized fields are defined. To sell IT products, companies hire software engineers. To sell engineering products, companies hire engineers of that specific field. In the same way to sell pharmaceutical products, companies hire doctors or pharmacists as they have complete product knowledge.



It is the responsibility of government to provide basic education to every single child of the nation.

No one can negate the importance of education in the life of a human. Education makes the mind open for new thoughts and brings innovation in every aspect of life.

If you don’t have good knowledge of your chosen field, there is now less chance to be a successful salesperson. Remember one thing, sales is not a job, it’s a career.

Unfortunately, our education system is unable to bring any rapid change or innovation in our business or industry. It is recommended for all the students to work on skills and try to enroll in various online courses to stay updated with current knowledge which is a key to success in the profession of sales.

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