Many of your inter-organization problems would be resolved after reading this blog about negative feedback. You will never confuse again before giving any negative feedback. It will give you desirable confidence in giving negative feedback to your seniors in your group… Sit back and relax.

We will give you some tips to make yourself and other people in your organization feel more comfortable than ever. From years of learning by working in different Organizations, these few points will do wonders in your organization and allow you to speak out about any negative feedback to any person within your organization of a more senior position. These following steps will not only help each individual to positively give negative feedback but they also work for strengthening relationships with the senior colleagues at the same time.

Believe what you are doing is the right thing

Your firm belief in what you are doing will surprise you when you give negative feedback to your seniors, you will receive an active change about it and it will also strengthen your relationship with the senior executives.


If your feedback is for the benefit of that person and given respectfully then make your belief strong that it will favor you in your organization.

How and when and to whom???

The only way to give negative feedback is to give it with “RESPECT”. With a face-to-face and respectful discussion, you can deliver your message to Managers, Bosses, and Senior Executives in your organization.

“The other only way to give cranky Bosses negative feedback is ‘FACE to FACE”.

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Beware: always be careful of the types of Bosses who are unhappy with you or the Bosses who develop a habit of sending unhappy emails to everyone in the evening, so don’t let them do it and be with them early in the morning and discuss

Pick and Choose

These following things would come to your mind when you are about to deliver any negative message, which in real good for the organization:

Why This Feedback is important

Before giving any negative feedback, you must think over about:

  • What would happened when you give negative feedback
  • If you don’t give this feedback what would happen

What is the outcome of your Negative feedback?

  • Surprisingly, it will strengthen your relationship within and with your organization
  • Your Team must need to see that happen

Timings and Observation

Before you give any feedback which is you think, negative feedback, you must wait for the right moment, for example, you need to wait, for your organization is open to receive any.

People have many things on their minds. So don’t delay it too much, people won’t be able to memorize the event, or they don’t want to talk about it anymore. Do whatever you want to with confidence.

Your feedback is your feeling

Every time you give any feedback to your leaders, you use your intuition. What you observe in your perspective and your write up is based on your feelings or the way you feel that experience accordingly. Your write up is what you witness.

Watch Your Tone

Don’t get nervous. The tone is coming across must be respectful and kind and keep your mind relaxed when you deliver the negative message to your Boss or the person senior to your position.

Never email

Remember, a positive way of delivering a negative message is face-to-face. Your best intentions about that person would be ruined just by reading your email in a different tone that can damage your relationship, and it could get worse than ever before.

Most Important Note: Never give any feedback in the presence of others (only face-to-face).

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