Few Tips On How to Excel As a Sales Professional

What’s the difference between Steve Jobs and Ali Anwar? You know Steve Jobs but Ali can be anyone. There is a big difference between a salesperson and a successful sales professional. A successful sales professional will always be in demand and will draw his desired salary. Compare that to an ordinary skilled professional. He’s struggling. Earns less. And needs his employer more than the employer needs him.

This is a problem. A problem even years of experience doesn’t cure because you are not the best at what you do.

And the issue is doubly so in sales. The sales job is different in nature. Sales professionals have to grapple with changing trends in the industry, rapid mechanization, changing moods and attitudes of customers and clients on day to day and minute to minute basis and long working hours.

This is the reason why business organizations want to see some skills and characteristics of a person when they decide to hire him in the sales department.


So, how do you set yourself apart? How do you make sure you’re recognizable in a herd of employees all of them desperate for a job?

Here’s a list of qualities you need to have and nurture in order to stand at the top of the crowd.


Passion For Your Work

A good sales professional will always be passionate about his career. He will not only think about meeting his targets but will always go one step beyond. His passion will guide him and make sure he’s always into what he’s doing.

Analytical Ability

Thinking out of the box is crucial to your survival in sales. The ability to analyze markets, take difficult decisions, solve problems in a jiffy, and handle difficult customers by coming up with innovative and universal solutions is what sets a good sales professional apart.

Customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions and analytical ability is essential to satisfy the customers.

Well Prepared for All Situations

A good salesperson is always well prepared when he meets his clients. Whether it is pre-sales visit, product display address, or presenting products to a group of people, preparation is a prerequisite.

Build Relationships

The relationship is key to success in sales. A good salesperson always builds profitable customer relationships with his clients. If clients are satisfied with you, they will come back and bring more people along with them.

Goal-Oriented Professional

Achieving goals in time is essential for growth in a sales career. A good salesperson will keep the targets in mind and will work hard to achieve those targets. He will be focused, ambitious, and persistent regarding his career.

A Good Listener

A good professional makes sure he prioritizes people over sales numbers and products. He is focused on solving problems and that means he’s a good listener as listening is the only way to get insights into customer’s problems.    

Verbal Communication Skills

A skill that is common in almost all successful sales professionals is excellent communication.


Customers can easily read the description in the brochure or on the website. But convincing them to buy can be difficult. In comes the sales professional. He’s charming, effective, warm, and can use words to weave magic. He knows what to say, what words will convince and convert reluctant prospects, and how to have a natural and engaging conversation. And that is what really matters.

Tech Savvy

Technology is changing day by day. And the professionals that refuse to adapt, suffer, and remain behind.

What’s the one thing common between Jack Ma, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos? Their interest in technology.


Sales professionals close a deal after various refusals. It is part and parcel of the profession. Sales are truly the game of ups and downs.  Which is why It is necessary to remain persistent during a period of crisis.

Fulfilling Your Commitments

Reputation building needs commitments. Whether it is with customers or with the organization, always fulfill your commitments.

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, a $40 billion company. It is his commitment that has made Alibaba the leading Business to the Business platform.


Learning basic skills is easy. Mastering them may take a lifetime. And Sale is a field where learning never really stops. A senior, sixty-year-old professional can learn something new from a recent entrant. A manager can learn from his subjects and subjects take their cues from the superiors.

What’s important is that you never stop learning and working on yourself. Mastering the art of communication, negotiation, and building relationships are what truly makes you a great salesman. And once you’ve achieved that, employers will follow you. Not vice versa.

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