Use These Five Psychological Tricks to Increase Sales

It is a common practice that sales professionals use psychology while dealing with customers. Psychology helps them to play with the mind of the consumer to sell more. With the passage of time, there are some techniques developed to use psychology in sales. Five psychological tricks to increase sales are discussed in this article.

Less Is More

The delay in a decision is possible if there are so many choices available. The availability of many more things makes it difficult for consumers to decide what to buy and what not to buy so sometimes they consumers don’t buy anything and go away.

To avoid this sort of situation, one of the tricks to increase sales, is recommended to offer fewer choices to the consumers. It will make them limited to a few products and their time for buying decisions will decrease which will eventually help them to choose something from limited products to purchase. 

Credibility Is the Best Policy

It is a common practice in business that the same products with different brands give different results. Even if you want to buy orange juice, you will prefer the brand which is more reputable. Credibility counts a lot. Nobody can even think about starting any business without building credibility. If you want to sell more, it is essential to build credibility from day one. Credibility will make it easier for your customers to trust more in your business.


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Offer Something for Free

Though it looks difficult to offer something for free it really works a lot. A free offer is the best way to introduce your product in the market.

If you didn’t taste a juice of specific brand and somewhere at any public place, you are offered to taste it for free. If you like its taste, there will be a great chance that you will purchase it again and again. But consider one thing, could that purchase be possible without a free offer or free sampling promotions? Absolutely no. Your first time purchasing and after that repurchasing are results of these free offer promotions. This sort of experience helps a lot to recall the brand in your mind again and again for a long time in the future.

Use Storytelling

Storytelling is a way used to engage the customers with your product. It is proved that engaging a customer through storytelling is much more effective than to inform them about product descriptions. Product description just gives them information about the key features of the product while storytelling works emotionally and engages them which leave a wonderful impact on consumers mind.

Use of Psychological or Charm Pricing

Whenever a consumer buys any product, the first aspect he considers is the price of the product.   

The psychological pricing technique is found very effective among consumers. Whenever you offer anything for $9.90 instead of $10, it will affect more. Though there will be very little difference in the price, the impact of this technique on the consumer will be high. The psychological pricing technique attracts more people towards products than normal pricing. It psychologically makes them feel that they are spending less on the product they are buying. It is the reason that those companies which offer products with psychological pricing, earn more than on the products offered with common pricing methods.


The ultimate objective of every business is to earn profit more and more. To achieve that objective of the business, there are various ways that are adopted by sales and marketing professionals. These ways and methods play with the psychology of the consumers to grow the business and increase the profit. Above mentioned techniques are also based on psychology which is commonly used in sales and marketing.         

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